Managed and co-managed services

We have a wide array of IT services starting with managed and co-managed services.  Our managed services plan includes all layers of cybersecurity to help protect your networks and data. We do everything from email protection, URL blocking, external vulnerability scans, network monitoring, training of your staff and employees, password management, patch management, application control, antivirus, managed detection and response, and data backups.

Please call anytime with any comments or questions:  Phone: (863) 837-3688


1.  Allows us to quickly resolve most issues a user may be having with their computer.

2.  Helps keep downtime minimal and reduces expenses from lost employee time.

3.  More efficient than sending a technician to your location

Digital Displays

Give your passengers an easy way to get information with our displays

  • Available as wall-mounted displays or standing kiosks
  • Can be used for displaying advertisements or maps
  • Interactive displays can be used to entertain passengers


We have been helping businesses with networking for over 15 years!

  • We help keep your networks secure with advanced firewalls and monitoring
  • We use easily managed networking equipment to keep your systems online and running at full speed
  • And we also offer low voltage cabling services


  • Locker kiosks are available to passengers or pilots to store items securely
  • Self-service ticketing kiosks to increase the efficiency of checking in passengers
  • Increases customer service and convenience
  • Helps with reducing congestion during peak times
  • Other kiosks can be used to sell tickets to nearby attractions to make it more convenient for passengers
  • Charging stations for cell phones can be implemented so passengers can charge their phones
  • They have the ability to display advertisements which can be used to showcase local businesses or whatever else you would like to display.

VoIP Phones

  • High-definition audio phone systems with multiple extensions are available
  • The mobile app can be used for employees that are away from their desks or on the ramp area
  • Allows for after-hour phone calls to be forwarded to an on-call person
  • Phones can be utilized in meeting rooms to be used by guests or staff.