Custom Flight Simulators

We can build a custom flight simulator with virtual reality (VR) capability that gives the user an experience like never before. Our simulators have a high level of detail in the graphics that the user experiences which gives them the best training possible. Imagine training a student pilot in virtual conditions or having them get familiar with a long-distance trip where the terrain and buildings are as close to the real world as you can get.

  • Uses Microsoft Flight Simulator software
  • A wide array of aircraft and training scenarios are available
  • VR capability to make the user appear to be sitting in a real aircraft
  • Global database of most airports and navigation aids

Aeronautek Simulators

Give your students the best platform to train on with a wide array of aircraft and global destinations available. With Microsoft Flight Simulator your students can even practice at home with the proper equipment.

Custom flight simulator

  • Uses Microsoft Flight Simulator with highly realistic graphics

  • Can run multiple types of aircraft

  • Single engine or multi-engine configurations are available

  • Great for attracting new students to your flight school

  • Great for flying into unfamiliar or complex airspace/airports with accurate visual representations of the real world

  • Can be used to practice VFR and IFR maneuvers

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