Gleim Flight Simulators

Gleim FAA approved flight simulator basic aviation training device (BATD) mimicking the Cessna 172

  • Uses X-Plane flight simulator software
  • Traditional 6-pack or technically advanced aircraft (TAA) cockpit configuration available
  • 3 monitors for outside reference, 1 touchscreen monitor for instrument panel, 1 monitor for instructor station
  • Global database of most airports and navigation aids

Aeronautek Simulators

We offer two choices of simulators here at Aernautek.  The first being the Gleim and the second one is our own custom built model.

Custom flight simulator

  • Uses Microsoft Flight Simulator with highly realistic graphics

  • Can run multiple types of aircraft

  • Single engine or multi-engine configurations available

  • Great for attracting new students to your flight school

  • Great for flying into unfamiliar or complex airspace/airports with accurate visual representations of the real world

  • Can be used to keep up VFR and IFR proficiency

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Both of our Aeronautek Flight Simulators come with remote monitoring included to keep the system and software up to date and a Honeycomb Aeronautical yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals are used.

Virtual Reality

The Microsoft Flight Simulator also has a VR add-on that can be purchased as well. This will give the operator a more exclusive experience and block out external distractions that may be present.

Please call anytime with any comments or questions:  Phone: (863) 837-3688