Specializing in high quality IT support for Florida aviation companies

We help businesses in the aviation community have peace of mind by overtaking their IT service needs. We work specifically with the aviation community and have everything from flight simulators to the latest technology in next-level security cameras. Our offerings include but are not limited to, managed services, networking, voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, cybersecurity protection, and guest Wi-Fi systems.

With over 15 years of experience supporting Microsoft Windows and networks, you can rest assured that our technicians have the knowledge to get the job done right. In many cases we can solve your computer or network issues within minutes with the help of our remote support tools. This ensures that you can get back to running your business quickly and get back to working on your bottom line.

Surveillance cameras are an essential part of security at all airports. Having a reliable security camera system in place helps to fight terrorism, get alerts for abandoned objects, review footage to look for evidence and give law enforcement the ability to view the cameras on their mobile devices. TSA and other security staff can also view multiple areas of the airport from one central location. Our 4K resolution cameras gives you crisp and clear picture quality in both day and night conditions.







Aeronautek offers both managed and co-managed services to help your business stay secure with top-level cybersecurity.

Managed Services

    1. We proactively monitor workstations and servers for software and most hardware issues
    2. Monthly maintenance is performed to mitigate most issues that may come up
    3. Antivirus and Managed Detection and Response software included
    4. Helps keep repair and downtime costs down
    5. Helps keep your systems more secure from outside or internal threats
    6. Includes malicious website and URL blocking
    7. Email protection and encryption included
    8. Quarterly business reviews to go over what issues have been resolved and what improvements can be made regarding the IT infrastructure
    9. An advanced firewall appliance is included
    10. Staff and employee training programs are included
    11. Password management implemented for strong and unique logins to websites
    12. Server backups performed several times a day

Co-Managed Services

  1. We can work alongside your current IT department to help alleviate the burden they may be encountering
  2. We can bring certain skillsets to your organization which may be lacking with your current IT staff
  3. Helps with large projects where you need an extra set of hands to complete the project on time
  4. Will be cheaper than hiring new staff members for short-term projects
  5. Allows you to keep control with your in-house IT department

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